Anika's Peace Project

   Previously Anika's Pink Closet
Fun Classes, Events, Activities, Community Service

Your Support is Needed!

Your gift of time, in-kind gifts, and financial support are all appreciated.  


We invite you to serve on our volunteer team. Please let us know how you would like to help.

  • Do you like to put on a party? Our Event Team needs your help to plan our events.
  • Do you like to search for things on the computer? Our Research Team is watching for your email.
  • Do you like paper work? Our Office Team needs help with administrative tasks.
We're also looking for talented volunteers with experience in: online stores, marketing, public relations, social media, accounting, legal, fashion, and fundraising. 



  • Sponsor the 2017 Pink Carpet Gala 
  • Donate an item or prize for one of our events  
  • Host an event with proceeds benefiting Anika's Pink Closet
  • Make a financial gift 


Anika's Pink Closet

1075 N. Tustin St #4582, Orange, CA  92863




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